The Louvre According to Clara Baum

The Louvre According to Clara Baum

Book Title: The Louvre According to Clara Baum

Author: Warren Breckman

Format: Hardback | 104 pages

Publication Date: 01 May 2016

ISBN-13: 9782757209974

A whimsical invitation inside the greatest museum on Earth, as observed by Parisian illustrator Clara Baum. The Louvre gets a fresh makeover in these charming watercolors that depict life inside the museum. Phantasmagoric illustrations transport the reader to a parallel Louvre--one in which the Egyptian sphinxes come alive at night, trails of breadcrumbs wind through the galleries, fish float across the iconic glass pyramid, and some of the visitors are chimpanzees. Clara Baum introduces readers to key works from the collection with humor, shadowing visitors as they experience the former royal palace and its artworks for the first time. A keepsake book that echoes the satire and kaleidoscope brushstrokes of a New Yorker-style cartoon, it offers an accessible new portal inside the world of fine art.