The Oxford Guide to the French Language

The Oxford Guide to the French Language

Book Title: The Oxford Guide to the French Language

Author: William I. Strunk

Format: Paperback | 530 pages

Publication Date: 26 Nov 1992

ISBN-13: 9780192829573

This unique guide combines an up-to-date French grammar with an accessible, comprehensive bi-lingual dictionary of over 45,000 words and phrases in the French language. It presents all the basic grammar of modern French clearly and simply, using hundreds of helpful examples taken from everyday speech, newspapers, and magazines, and offers a glossary of grammatical terms as well as a full index. Clear labels to each section direct the user to the appropriate word or idiomatic expression, and an integrated pronunciation guide makes sure that even the novice will speak French correctly. Ideal for travel, business, or study, this comprehensive, single-volume guide to all aspects of the French language is indispensable for anyone who hopes to speak French like a native.