Contes ET Fables DES ?Sles

Contes ET Fables DES ?Sles

Book Title: Contes ET Fables DES ?Sles

Author: Ron Ritchhart

Format: Paperback | 132 pages

Publication Date: 22 Oct 2003

ISBN-13: 9780078600425

A French reader for intermediate through advanced students Contes et fables des iles (Vary and Brouillet) is an intriguing collection of tales and fables from the oral tradition of the French-speaking islands of the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. Beautiful illustrations add to the interest these tales and fables inspire in the various Creole cultures featured. The stories are written in contemporary, everyday French. The reader improves language skills while gaining valuable insight into the values and imagination of the peoples of these islands. This reader is softcover, 6 9, and 128 pages in length.