Easy Learning French

Easy Learning French

Book Title: Easy Learning French

Author: Michael McCarthy

Format: Downloadable audio file

Publication Date: 05 Jan 2009

ISBN-13: 9780007313006

The easiest way to start learning French -- new Collins Easy Learning French Audio Course download. Learn French by listening -- no need for textbooks or grammar tables. Buy online and get the files delivered straight to your computer. Take the course with you -- listen on your iPod or MP3 player to learn French wherever you go. This downloadable audio course guides learners through a series of 12 short units. Each unit introduces 5 new key words or phrases before expanding on the basic vocabulary with practice activities, memory tips and culture and etiquette advice. Users can also download a 48-page PDF booklet, which provides full transcripts of the conversations as well as helpful hints to guide the user through their learning experience. Unit 1: Hello Unit 2: Excuse me Unit 3: Where's the bar? Unit 4: Over there Unit 5: What would you like? Unit 6: Have you got any!? Unit 7: Can you help me? Unit 8: I want to go to! Unit 9: Have you got a room? Unit 10: It hurts Unit 11: I want to make an appointment Unit 12: What's it like? / Requires internet connection for software download, and mp3 player